Quick Tip: Test Audio Service via Mobile

Posted on November 03, 2015 by Richard Brynteson in Skype for Business Lync Server 2013

So we were presented with an interesting question.  Can we use the Audio Test Service on the mobile client.  When I tried to search for the object on my Windows Phone it didn’t find anything (I’ll be honest, could be searchable from other mobile platforms but I didn’t test it) but we came up with a pretty simple solution to ensure we could do this.

Step 1: From your fat client, make a call to the Audio Test Service and add the user to your contact list.


Step #2 – Go to your Windows Mobile Client and there it is.


Simple solution but handy to be able to make/call the Audio Test Service before making SfB Calls over the carrier network.


These are just some random thoughts and ideas from a Microsoft MVP. We might cover everything from Development, to Teams, to Skype and might even through in a random bit of Azure and AWS


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