Quick Tip: Polycom VVX, Pin Auth, Login Names

Posted on October 13, 2016 by Richard Brynteson in Skype for Business Lync Server 2013

Another day and another odd ball issue with Skype for Buiness and Polycom VVX Phones.  So hopefully this helps someone along the way.


So I have an existing common area phone that is attempting to pin auth into a server.  The customer has CX600 phones and looking to replace those phones with new VVX phones as part of a larger replacement.  When the customer attempted to pin auth with their existing accounts, the phones will not pin auth correctly.  We pulled out a CX 600 phone again and was able to login without any issues.

One of the big advantages of a VVX phones is the ability to look at the logs.  When we opened up the Diagnostics and Logs we see this:


If you notice in the logs, it’s trying to register to ‘domain.c’.  As you can most likely guess, this isn’t the domain name for the organization.


So we have a log of common area phones so we are using a 36 digit guid as the SIP address.  The domain itself is 24 characters long.  For example:


Well, as you guessed, there is apparently a maximum number of characters in the SIP name for the VVX phones in order to Pin Auth.  We shortened the guid by 2 letters and suddenly the phone was able to login without any issues.  We tested all the way to 5.4.5 software release.

Hopefully this is an easy fix on Polycom’s part.  I tried to create a ticket for this but I’m not allowed to so they closed it immediately.   🙁



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