Microsoft Teams + OneNote: Just got very useful

Posted on January 11, 2018 by Richard Brynteson in Microsoft Teams

So people having been using SharePoint to host OneNote Notebooks for YEARS.  And with SharePoint online, people have had the ability to easily connect to, share and utilize a shared OneNote Notebook.  This made collaboration very easy.

When Microsoft Teams came out, of course we had access to use OneNote Online but there was a huge issue.  It would only create a new OneNote Notebook.  What if you already had existing Notebooks?  What if you had a Notebook with lots of sections?  You simply were out of luck.

However, with the recent update to Microsoft Teams you can now select an existing OneNote Notebook or even paste a OneNote link.

So you can see the new interface for picking OneNote notebooks is super useful.  So if you have been waiting to migrate to Teams, it looks like we finally have a good solution for those who are migrating lots of notebooks to SharePoint and want to access them in Teams.


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