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Posted on September 09, 2019 by Richard Brynteson in Skype for Business Microsoft Teams

What an interesting week! And since it was a holiday and short week in the United States, I am not talking about Teams development and releases because honestly it was a bit of a quiet week. What I am talking about however is US Football – specifically the NFL. First it is helmets then its fines and then leaked audio recordings. If you like bad reality TV – the NFL has you covered right now.


So lets get to the biggest news of the year! No, Private Channels did not come out of beta. No, Slack did not sell to Microsoft.


Mark your calendar, book your flights, get ready to submit your session. But it is BACK and I am sure better than ever.


The conference has moved from June to August now. The same great hotel will be used which means make sure to bring a jacket because it might be a bit cold in the lecture halls. The rooms are great, the staff is wonderful and everything about this conference runs like clockwork. I am sure their website will have all sorts of great info as we get closer.

But may I be the first to make two huge suggestions: more umbrella drinks and pancakes. Trust me, no conference can ever be bad with those two.

Channel Moderation

I find that I do not blog about features in Teams anymore because everyone else does it and I honestly never know what is and is not in beta anymore. Seriously, is Private Channels public yet? I have no clue. I have seen people talk about it in public and at users groups but do not see a blog about it yet. Too many rings!

But a new feature is Channel Moderation and it is pretty darn cool. Randy Chapman does a great job of explaining it on his blog

Here you can find all sorts of good information including why you would want to use such a fancy feature.

Magic Whiteboard

I mentioned it last week but again, Mr. Randy Chapman has a video of it for the world to see. I have two thoughts.

First, this feature MUST come to the mainline client. And yes both Windows and Mac. I do not expect magic in the web version but there is absolutely no reason not to include it in the desktop clients. There are plenty of situations where a non-rooms device might want to use this feature. Maybe I do not have the big bucks to pay for the MTR and just want to use an existing computer in the conference room. And if we are worried about performance, do the same thing we have done with Blur and Background Replace, simply disable it in the client if the computer can not handle it.

Second, I like this idea of just continuing to link to Randy for great content.

Teams Dial Plans

If you are a voice routing nerd than obviously you like to write your own regular expressions and you ignore amazing tools on the market like Ken Lasko and his UC Dial Plan tool. But if you like to get your work done in a quick and easy fashion then you use awesome tools like I do. So here is a new tool and an old tool but both from the same person. MVP James Cussen has written the Teams Tenant Dial Plan Tool. This is a new entry that goes along with his Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Tool. This will be a shock but the purpose is to make it easier to manage dial plans and direct routing in Microsoft Teams.

I have not yet had a chance to test the second but I have used the first several times and I love it.

Speaking of Direct Routing, if you have never had the opportunity to glance through the Direct Routing for Multiple Tenants docs page, may I suggest do not. Since this is mostly a vendor specific page (yes there are some customer scenarios you could use this with but I am guessing 99% of the multi-tenant deployments for Direct Routing are partner based) it might be the page with the worst directions. After playing around with this in testing for a week I can tell you 100% there is a step or two missing from it. And like any good Skype for Business administrator all I can tell you it deals with DNS, Certificates or Firewalls. :-)

I will do a pull request when I have a chance but for now everyone will have to wait in anticipation.

Chat Bots

If you like Bots and love Microsoft Teams there is a new chat bot you can play with it. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with bots. If you are bored you can always check out the source code for the Not Pat Richard bot. Or click here and enjoy the show.

Snipping Tool and Teams


So this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Microsoft Teams but for some reason Ibrahim decided it needed to be tagged in the #MicrosoftTeams channel. Since it was in my Twitter feed I decided I need to say a few things.

First, the new Skip & Sketch is WAY better than the old tool.

Second, I really do not have one. I just like the new tool better.

Well, hopefully this brings you a bit of joy on an otherwise boring Monday morning. Enjoy your cup of joe and see everyone next week. #TwoWeeksInARow


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