Last Week (in Teams) This Morning - September 16th

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Richard Brynteson in Skype for Business Microsoft Teams

Another week is in the books. This week most of the Microsoft Teams community is heading to Redmond for Airlift to learn about all Teams. So do we have any news to cover? We have some so lets dive right in.


So what is the leading story in the Teams community this week? Obviously it is...


Seriously, did anyone else see this tweet by the amazing Sean Wilson!


There are so many questions that comes from this tweet. Who was on this meeting? What does a herd of Unicorns look like? Do Unicorns get along? Do they fight all the time? Seriously, I need so much more information here. I have been wanting all week!

Linux Client

According to what was published on UserVoice and picked up by the media including neowin Teams is coming to Linux. Since a lot of stuff already works in Chrome in linux one has to imagine this is going to be an electron app for Linux. I have no inside knowledge on this one but it would make sense.

Create MTR Accounts

I said it last week and maybe I was not joking, this might become an RSS feed for Randys blog. This week we get an indept process for creating everything for a MRT via PowerShell. All the steps and more.

Architecture Docs

So these documents are not actually new but were published back in August but I never saw them so I figure everyone should have them. It breaks down all of the different services that Microsoft Teams uses under the hood. If you do not want to read these I can give you the spoiler version: Teams uses EVERYTHING from Microsoft. And if it does not today it will soon.

Teams User Interface

So I happened to stumble across this post about the Microsoft Teams user interface. My favorite line from the entire article: "For those who like a busy UI, Teams is the way to go. There are buttons and menus everywhere...". I have to ask, who is it that LOVES a busy UI? Seriously let me know. Then we are going to have a chat and make sure you do not need to be admitted somewhere.

This is actually something we should all be talking about. End users tend to use tools that are easy to understand and yet powerful. This is one area where Slack I think does a better job than Teams. I have said this before but Teams is the first tool from Microsoft that I have seen such a divisive response to the user interface. Some people love it but others HATE IT. And I do not mean dislike and just live with it. Nope, they are very vocal about their dislike. As Microsoft continues to add more and more features to Teams they really need to think about what is the best UI available. It is a bit of a mess and getting more difficult to navigate in each next fancy feature is added.


As mentioned all over twitter this week people have started to see the Channel analytics. To find this, all you need to do is find the correct ... menu and select Manage Team or from the Admin Center.

There we go. Three in a row. With Airlift happening this week I have to image the news will be hard to come by for next week. So maybe it will just be random dad jokes.


These are just some random thoughts and ideas from a Microsoft MVP. We might cover everything from Development, to Teams, to Skype and might even through in a random bit of Azure and AWS


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