Last Week (in Teams) This Morning - September 30th

Posted on September 30, 2019 by Richard Brynteson in Skype for Business Microsoft Teams

Much like John Oliver and HBO I am just going to take random weeks off with nearly no notice leaving the audience wanting more. Or maybe there was very little news to talk about. Or maybe I was out. Not sure which one it was but cue the intro music, dim the lights, here goes...


We start our lead story with a quick review of blog posts.

Blogs Around The World

Clearly you assume we are going to start this with a quick RRS feed to Randy Chapmans blog. But nope, not today. Not because none of the content is good (which it always is) or does not have new posts (he does) but because I need to focus on another blog.

Co-worker, Gen-Z, young pup Eric Marsi has three posts to talk about. So much energy that he just can not stop typing.

In the first post we get a great review of the Logitech Brio Webcam. And in the second post we get an outstanding review of their new Logitech Zone Wireless headset. There is all sorts of good information here but I have one serious issue with these posts. In his tweet announcing this he thanks Logitechs Luke Kannel for the devices to review. Luke is my 2-Man Match Play partner in golf. Where is my fancy Logitech headset? I wonder where the loyalty is. One moment as I go jump on a call with my Logitech Meetup “headset”. 😊

Bring on the Hot Fixes

There is a new hot fix for Skype for Business 2019 CU1. Which we will call it SfB CU1HF. So take a look at Griegs blog which will detail all of the fun. It looks like there are two major features within this hotfix.

Teams Training

It looks like there are all sorts of fun training available for Microsoft Teams. I stumbled across the Manage team collaboration with Microsoft Teams. I went through the first handful of sections and found it pretty good overall. Not meant for those who are super familiar with Teams but if you are coming from SfB or SharePoint and never seen Microsoft Teams then this is a great resource.

Planner Icon

What in the world is this?


This does not even look like a P. It looks like a piece of paper that was ripped off. I know it is supposed to be a gantt chart but it looks funny. I love all of the other icons this one is just a bit off.


These are just some random thoughts and ideas from a Microsoft MVP. We might cover everything from Development, to Teams, to Skype and might even through in a random bit of Azure and AWS


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